How Does it Work?


Before services are needed, I will come over to meet you and your pets. There is no charge for this visit. During this meeting I will go over your pets' routine and identify everything that is needed to properly care for them. I will also take possession of your house key at this time.

While you are away, I will visit your home the predetermined number of times each day to care for your animals. In additional to taking care of their physical needs, I will also provide petting, brushing, and love. Visits average a half hour. Longer visits are also available.

I do NOT place any lettering on my vehicles which would identify me as a pet sitter. To do so, I feel, advertises to your neighbors and anyone else watching your neighborhood that you are away, making your home a possible target for theft.

In addition to animal care, I can also water plants, bring in the mail and newspaper, take out the trash, turn lights on/off, check home security, and perform other minor household duties as requested.

I recommend at least two visits per day for dogs. With cats and other animals, one visit is usually sufficient.

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